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May 20, 2023
This event is sponsored by caring Southeast Texas businesses and individuals.
If you would like to contribute, please make your check out to Don Allen Wildwood Sports Alliance
or DAWSA, and mail to
PO Box 723
Village Mills, TX 77663.
We are a 501(c)(3) organization and you will receive confirmation of your gift. If you would like more information, you may contact
Jesse Munoz,
Program Coordinator
409.658.8286 or
Dan Shaddock, Fundraising Chair
409.834.0317 Thanks for caring.
Don Allen
The Don Allen Wildwood Sports Day is named in memory of the person who challenged us to host this activity.
We are excited to inform you of our Don Allen Wildwood Sports Alliance for the Physically Challenged. The next event will be May 20,2023 and will be held in the Wildwood community on Highway 69 just north of Kountze.This will be the nineteenth year for the event. Registration starts at 8:00 am and the event is from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. The event is free. The rides are free, and lunch is free. Businesses of Southeast Texas and individuals make it possible for you to enjoy the day! Many community groups and recreational organizations have joined forces to bring this event to life.
Download the registration form below, fill it out and bring it with when you come. Share the Handout with others.
Participants will have the opportunity to experience riding jet skies, fishing rodeo, boat tours, talk on a "Ham" radio, hay ride, paint gun target practice, clowns, a magician, ride in 4 wheelers and horseback riding. Golf carts provide transportation from one event to another and to lunch and back.

You may bring lawn chairs, swimsuits, towel, sun hat, sunscreen, or whatever you require to spend a day outdoors. This will be a very exciting day that will be remembered for years to come.
Jesse Munoz
Program Coordinator
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